National Library of Indonesia

Yesterday, 27 December 2018, was my first time visiting the newly renovated National Library of Indonesia. My first impression, of course, it's a big library building with a lot of collections.

This building is a 24-storey building consists of collections from books, photos, magazines, newspapers, and many more.

Anyone from member to general public is allowed to come here and use the facilities inside. However, for some facilities, such as computer room, only members are allowed.

It has cafeteria at level 4, allowing visitors to have a meal there. At the ground level, they provide a room with many lockers inside for you to put your belongings. You will receive a transparent bag, allowing you to bring some simple stuffs that you need during your visitation, such as your laptop. Each locker has its own key, so rest assured your items are pretty much safe there.

Children Area

If you want to bring your children here, you can go to level 7. This level provides reading materials for children. Parents, of course, are welcomed to come along as well. This room though, does not allow any food and drinks inside, including slipper and shoes. There is a place outside the room where you can put your drinks and shoes there.

Audio Visual

Besides paper based materials, this library provides audio-visual materials as well. From old CDs, cassettes, and many more. As a member, you are allowed to borrow the materials from here.

Musical Instruments

At the highest level of this building, it has a collection of musical instruments. This collection is not intended for usage though.

Book Haven

Level 21 and 22 are where most of the books stored. These are levels where the most people come. Those books are modern books though. This library has a special section for old and rare books. Those levels are connected with stairs in the middle and has a lot of tables for reading.


Photos are some of the things shown inside this library. It has collections of photos from many years, old and new ones. Designed like a photo gallery where people can roam around looking.

Private Reading Room

One of the unique things provided here is private reading rooms. People can bring the books they want to read in this room and having splendid time reading inside. It has electric port as well where you can charge your devices.

Here are some other images showing the inside of this building.
Caption in the picture: "Reading without pondering is like eating without digesting"

Presidents of Indonesia, from first to latest (2018)

Monumen Nasional from level 24 (1)

Monumen Nasional from level 24 (2)

Monumen Nasional from level 24 (3)

Working area (1)

Working area (2)

In conclusion, this is a huge building which might take some time for you to roam through all the available levels. If you pursue knowledge though, this visit is a worth visit. This place is full of resources, old and new, that you can use for your own research and self development.

All information provided is correct during this writing. The building is still undergoing development, so some more places and changes might be on-going.


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