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macOS Sierra Picture in Picture

MacOS Sierra (10.2) is the latest iteration from Apple. It comes with a lot of new features, one of which is the picture in picture  mode. This feature allows you to watch video while doing other tasks. The video player will be layered on the top of the screen while you can do any tasks behind it. You can resize the player as well as move the player to the location that is comfortable for you. In this post, I will use an example of playing a Youtube video using this picture in picture mode. This is pretty simple to achieve. What you have to do is just look for a video to play, play the video, right click on the video, and choose the Enable Picture in Picture mode. Note that sometimes you might want to right click TWO (2) times in order for the correct context menu to show. You can refer to this video on how this can be easily achieved.

Needlefish Attack

Just recently, a news spread about a young lady, died due to attack of a Needle fish. The story began when she was having a vacation with her family at Tanjung Karang beach, Makassar, Indonesia. This unfortunate event happened on January 01, 2016. Liena Liena (39) was soaking her body near the shoreline, whilst suddenly a needlefish jump towards her face. She was not able to dodge because it was too sudden. The fish, known with its long sharp and spear like snout, pierced through her right eyelids. She was then screaming for help. Her husband's family was then run to help her. She was quite badly injured. The wound was so deep that it even pierced through the skull and caused her to vomit blood. She was brought to the hospital by ambulance to Kabelota Donggala hospital. Nevertheless, the wound was so bad that she eventually could not make it. She passed away in that hospital and the corpse was brought back to Balaikota Palu. Needlefish It's highly advised tha

Wisata Alam Mangrove

Wisata Alam Mangrove is one of the travel destinations you can go to when visiting Jakarta. Located at North Jakarta, this travel destination is easily accessible using TransJakarta bus or other public transportation. During the writing, the entrance fee for a person is Rp25.000, whereas for foreigners, the fee is sky-rocketed to Rp250.000. There is one catch here though, you are not allowed to bring your camera inside the area, however mobile phone is allowed. If you get caught bringing the camera, you will have to pay Rp1.000.000. Quite an amount of money -_-" Inside the area, you can pretty much do a lot of things, from just resting, taking pictures, riding a boat, and go to the beach. Here are some pictures to give you an idea on what is inside this place. If you want to ride a boat, you will need to pay for an additional price of Rp.250.000 (6 people) or Rp.350.000 (8 people). This place also provides small tents where you