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Apple AirPods and Sweat

AirPods is undeniably one of the greatest product from Apple. It's so light that you barely even having issue using it in your ears. With the W1 chip inside, connecting to your iPhone has never been this easier. Just open the lid, and it will connect automagically with your iPhone. I bought AirPods in hope to use it when I'm doing exercise. Furthermore, listening to music while exercising is something that most of us are doing. Unfortunately, things are not always going as expected. I have been using AirPods during my morning jogging for quite some time. I sweat a lot, really a lot. I notice that slowly, corrosion mark starts appearing on my AirPods, both sides of them (left and right). Intermittently, any side or sometimes both of them cannot be charged. I need to keep pulling out and put back in the device to trigger the charge. I bought this device on last November. To test my luck, I brought this device to Apple Store here in Malaysia. The guy said, since this is a