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National Library of Indonesia

Yesterday, 27 December 2018, was my first time visiting the newly renovated National Library of Indonesia. My first impression, of course, it's a big library building with a lot of collections. This building is a 24-storey building consists of collections from books, photos, magazines, newspapers, and many more. Anyone from member to general public is allowed to come here and use the facilities inside. However, for some facilities, such as computer room, only members are allowed. It has cafeteria at level 4, allowing visitors to have a meal there. At the ground level, they provide a room with many lockers inside for you to put your belongings. You will receive a transparent bag, allowing you to bring some simple stuffs that you need during your visitation, such as your laptop. Each locker has its own key, so rest assured your items are pretty much safe there. Children Area If you want to bring your children here, you can go to level 7. T

Hashing and Java Implementation

In today's post, I would like to discuss about hashing and how it can be implemented in programming language, in which I would use Java for this purpose. Hashing, though, can be easily implemented using any other programming languages. Hashing is a process whereby one input, processed using specific algorithm, will produce another output that is unique for that input. For an algorithm to be considered secure as a hashing algorithm, there are several characteristics has to be met: For every input I, it must produce output O that is unique for virtually every set of I (no collision). For every output O, there should virtually no way, or virtually very hard, to compute back the value of input I (one-way function). For every input I, the length of the output O must be always the same regardless of the length of the input I. There are several algorithms available out there on hashing. Below are some of the algorithms: MD5 (no longer recommended) SHA-1 (no longer recomm